Toby Keith: Country Music Royalty

Should’ve Been

Keith's debut hit, a timeless classic that solidified his place in country music royalty with its cowboy imagery and catchy melody.

American Soldier

A heartfelt tribute to the military, showcasing Keith's ability to connect with audiences on a deeply emotional level, earning him respect as country music royalty.

Beer for My Horses

A spirited collaboration with Willie Nelson, highlighting Keith's ability to unite generations of country music fans and artists alike.

Red Solo Cup

An infectious party anthem that demonstrates Keith's versatility and ability to infuse humor into his music while maintaining his status as country music royalty.

I Love This Bar

A feel-good anthem celebrating the heartland's local watering holes, further solidifying Keith's connection to his roots and his place among country music's elite.

God Love Her

A soul-stirring ballad showcasing Keith's storytelling prowess and emotional depth, reaffirming his position as a respected figure in country music.

American Ride

An anthem celebrating the American way of life, reflecting Keith's enduring impact on the genre and his status as country music royalty.

How Do You Like

A defiant anthem of self-assurance and success, underscoring Keith's resilience and longevity in the industry.

Whiskey Girl

A lively tribute to Southern living, highlighting Keith's ability to capture the essence of Americana and further solidifying his place in country music history.

My List

A tender ballad expressing love and gratitude, showcasing Keith's ability to touch hearts and cementing his status as one of country music's most beloved figures.