Toby Keith: Iconic Country Tunes


Keith's debut single and a country classic, featuring his signature storytelling style and catchy melody.

Me Now?

A career-defining song that resonated with audiences for its bold lyrics and infectious chorus.

Courtesy of the Red

This patriotic anthem became one of Keith's most recognizable songs, striking a chord with Americans nationwide.

I Love This Bar

A feel-good hit celebrating small-town life and the camaraderie found in local bars and taverns.

Beer for My Horses

A memorable collaboration with country legend Willie Nelson, blending their voices in a catchy and fun song about justice.

American Soldier

Keith's heartfelt tribute to the men and women serving in the military, showcasing his appreciation for their sacrifice and bravery.

Red Solo Cup

An irresistibly catchy party anthem that became a fan favorite for its humor and relatability.

God Love Her

This song explores themes of love, redemption, and faith, showcasing Keith's versatility as a songwriter.

Who's Your Daddy

A playful and flirtatious tune that highlights Keith's playful side and his ability to entertain audiences with catchy hooks.

As Good as I Once Was

This tongue-in-cheek song about aging and resilience resonated with audiences for its humor and relatability.