Toby Keith: Rockin' Country Hits

How Do You Like

Keith's defiant anthem of success and self-assurance, blending country twang with rock-inspired energy.

I Love This Bar

A crowd-pleasing anthem celebrating the camaraderie and good times found in local bars, with a catchy, rock-infused melody.

A Little Less Talk

This energetic song showcases Keith's rock-influenced sound and dynamic vocal delivery, capturing the excitement of new romance.

Get Drunk

An upbeat, party-ready anthem encouraging listeners to let loose and embrace their wild side, fueled by Keith's electrifying performance.

American Ride

With its driving beat and catchy chorus, this song blends country storytelling with rock-inspired instrumentation, creating an adrenaline-fueled anthem celebrating the diversity of American life.

Big Ol' Truck

A high-energy track featuring Keith's gritty vocals and a rock-infused sound, celebrating the freedom and simplicity of life on the open road.

Whiskey Girl

This rockin' country hit combines Keith's signature swagger with a catchy melody, paying homage to the irresistible allure of a spirited woman.


A lively ode to the honky-tonk lifestyle, with a rockin' beat and Keith's trademark attitude shining through in every note.

Getcha Some

This up-tempo anthem blends rock-inspired guitar riffs with Keith's smooth vocals, delivering a dose of high-energy fun.

She's a Hottie

A rock-infused track celebrating the charms of a captivating woman, featuring Keith's gritty vocals and infectious energy.