Toby Keith: Songs of Freedom

Courtesy of the Red

A powerful anthem embodying Keith's unwavering patriotism and pride in American freedom.

American Soldier

A heartfelt tribute honoring the sacrifices of the military, resonating with themes of liberty and service.

Made in America

Celebrating American ingenuity and resilience, reflecting the freedom to pursue dreams and innovate.

American Ride

A dynamic celebration of the American journey, symbolizing the freedom to explore and experience diverse landscapes and cultures.

Red Solo Cup

An anthem of freedom and camaraderie, representing the liberty to gather and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

I Love This Bar

A celebration of freedom and community, embracing the liberty to gather and socialize in local establishments.

God Love Her

A narrative-driven ballad exploring themes of love and redemption, reflecting the freedom to pursue one's own path.

How Do You Like

A declaration of personal freedom and resilience, asserting the right to succeed and overcome adversity.

American Ride

A live rendition of the anthem, capturing the energy and excitement of experiencing freedom firsthand.

Courtesy of the Red

An acoustic version of the patriotic anthem, highlighting the raw emotion and power of its message.