Toby Keith: Songs of the Heartland

Should've Been

Keith's debut hit captures the essence of the heartland with its cowboy imagery and storytelling lyrics.

Beer for My Horses

This collaboration with Willie Nelson paints a picture of justice and morality, themes deeply rooted in heartland values.

I Love This Bar

Celebrating the simple joys of small-town life, this song resonates with the sense of community found in heartland America.

American Soldier

A heartfelt tribute to the men and women in uniform, embodying the patriotism and resilience of heartland communities.

Made in America

With its celebration of American-made products, this song reflects the pride and craftsmanship synonymous with the heartland.

Red Solo Cup

An anthem of camaraderie and good times, capturing the spirit of gatherings and parties in heartland towns.

God Love Her

Exploring themes of love and redemption, this song speaks to the faith and values cherished by many in the heartland.

American Ride

A rollicking journey through American culture, celebrating the diversity and spirit of the heartland.

As Good as I Once

This humorous reflection on aging and resilience resonates with the authenticity and humor of heartland life.

Who's Your Daddy

A playful and flirtatious tune, reflecting the lighthearted spirit of romance in the heartland.