Toby Keith's Country Jam Session

Red Solo Cup

An infectious party anthem that gets everyone singing along and tapping their feet to the beat.

Should've Been

Keith's debut hit that always gets the crowd fired up with its catchy melody and cowboy imagery.

Beer for My Horses

A lively duet that brings together two country legends, perfect for a jam session with friends.

I Love This Bar

A spirited tribute to the local watering holes where good times and great memories are made.

Who's Your Daddy

A playful and flirtatious tune with a catchy hook that's sure to get the audience singing along.

American Ride

A rollicking celebration of American culture and values, guaranteed to keep the energy high at any jam session.

Get Drunk

A rowdy anthem about embracing life to the fullest and making the most of every moment.


A lively track that pays homage to the honky-tonk lifestyle and the music that brings people together.

God Love Her

A soulful ballad with a rockin' edge, showcasing Keith's powerful vocals and storytelling prowess.

How Do You Like

A defiant anthem of success and self-assurance, perfect for cranking up the volume and letting loose at a country jam session.