Toby Keith's Favorite Collaborations with Other Country Artists

Beer for My Horses

This collaboration with Willie Nelson became a country music anthem, blending Keith's gritty vocals with Nelson's iconic style.

Been a Cowboy

Clint Black and Garth Brooks showcased the camaraderie between these country legends, bringing a new energy to Keith's classic hit.

Whiskey Girl

Teaming up with Willie Nelson again, "Whiskey Girl" became a fan favorite, blending Keith's modern country sound with Nelson's timeless charm.


Collaborating with his daughter Krystal Keith, this heartfelt duet showcased their close bond and musical talent.

American Soldier

Collaborating with The Tenors on a rendition of "American Soldier" added a poignant touch to this patriotic anthem, showcasing Keith's versatility as an artist.

Dream Walkin

Joining forces with Sting on "Dream Walkin'" brought a unique blend of country and rock influences to Keith's music, creating a memorable collaboration.

I Love This Bar

Partnering with Jimmy Buffett on "I Love This Bar" infused the song with Buffett's signature island vibe, creating a laid-back anthem for country fans.

Red Solo Cup

A star-studded collaboration with Willie Nelson and Sammy Hagar added extra flair to "Red Solo Cup," making it a party anthem for country music lovers.

Every Time I Drink

Teaming up with pop-country artist Bebe Rexha, Keith brought a contemporary edge to "Every Time I Drink I Fall in Love," showcasing his ability to cross genre boundaries.