Toby Keith's Honky Tonk Hits

Honky Tonk U

A lively anthem celebrating the honky-tonk lifestyle, with infectious energy and catchy melodies.

I Love This Bar

A feel-good track embracing the atmosphere and camaraderie found in honky-tonk bars, resonating with audiences for its relatability.

Beer for My Horses

A spirited collaboration with Willie Nelson, blending honky-tonk elements with storytelling charm and camaraderie.

Get Drunk

A rowdy and rebellious anthem capturing the carefree spirit of honky-tonk revelry, with its bold lyrics and driving rhythms.

Whiskey Girl

An energetic tribute to Southern living and whiskey-fueled adventures, embodying the lively atmosphere of honky-tonk joints.

High Maintenance

A playful and humorous track with honky-tonk flair, celebrating the quirks and charms of high-maintenance partners.

Big Blue Note

A soulful honky-tonk ballad exploring themes of heartbreak and loss, with its melancholic melody and heartfelt lyrics.

She's a Hottie

A catchy and flirtatious honky-tonk tune, showcasing Keith's ability to infuse humor and charm into his music.

Getcha Some

A rowdy and energetic track with honky-tonk influences, exuding confidence and swagger.

As Good as I Once Was

A tender ballad expressing love and gratitude, showcasing Keith's ability to touch hearts and cementing his status as one of country music's most beloved figures.