Toby Keith's Iconic Guitars: Stories Behind the Strings

TransAcoustic Guitar

Known for its innovative technology, this guitar enhances Toby Keith's performances with its built-in effects and natural reverb, adding depth to his sound.

Gibson J-185

This classic acoustic guitar is a staple in Keith's collection, valued for its warm tone and versatile playability, making it ideal for both studio recordings and live shows.

Fender Telecaster

A favorite among country music artists, Keith's Telecaster is customized to his preferences, delivering the twangy tones and crisp clarity synonymous with his signature sound.

Takamine EF341SC

Renowned for its balanced tone and stage-ready design, this acoustic-electric guitar has accompanied Keith on countless tours, providing reliable performance in any venue.

Gibson ES-335

With its semi-hollow body and rich, resonant sound, Keith's ES-335 adds a touch of vintage flair to his music, paying homage to the classic country-rock roots of his genre.

Martin D-28

Celebrated for its bold projection and robust bass response, Keith's D-28 is a workhorse on stage, delivering the powerful chords and intricate fingerpicking that define his style.

Taylor 814ce

This high-end acoustic guitar offers exceptional clarity and articulation, allowing Keith to express the emotional depth of his songs with precision and finesse.


Adorned with ornate inlays and a distinctive pickguard, Keith's Hummingbird is as visually striking as it is sonically pleasing, serving as a centerpiece in his collection.

Custom Legend

Known for its unique rounded back and innovative electronics, Keith's Ovation guitar provides unparalleled comfort and performance.