Where Can You Find Anise, Catnip for Dogs


Exploring natural remedies for pets has gained popularity among dog owners. Anise and catnip, traditionally known for their culinary and feline-enticing properties


Anise seed, with its licorice-like taste, is not just a spice for humans but also a stimulant for dogs. It can help make their toys more enticing and even support digestive health.


Contrary to popular belief, catnip can also be beneficial for dogs, providing a soothing effect that may help with anxiety and sleep.

Pet Stores

One of the most convenient places to find anise and catnip products tailored for dogs is through online pet stores. These platforms offer a wide variety of options, from infused toys to treats.

Pet Shops

For those who prefer shopping in person, local pet shops often stock an array of herbal remedies and supplements, including anise and catnip-based products


Some vets carry anise and catnip products, especially those who practice holistic veterinary medicine. They can provide advice on appropriate products


Specialty stores focusing on natural and holistic pet care products are excellent sources for finding high-quality anise and catnip items for dogs.


Local farmers' markets sometimes feature stalls with homemade pet products, where you might discover unique anise and catnip treats made with organic ingredients.


Anise and catnip offer more than just flavor and fun; they can contribute to your dog's well-being. Whether purchased online, at a local store, or made at home, these herbal options